Our Speakers

Maarten Boomsma


Clinical Research Director

Impact of pandemics and military conflicts on the world of clinical research & patient retention.

  • What is the impact of Ukraine-Russia military conflict on clinical trials?
  • What do regulatory agencies recommend?
  • How to be prepared for the unexpected?
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LaShell Robinson

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Head, Diversity., Equity & Inclusion in Clinical Research

Breaking Barriers: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials

It is crucial to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical research. To achieve this, it is necessary to

  • Embed solutions that promote operational sustainability
  • Address current and pending regulatory requirements
  • Incorporate community engagement to enhance trial diversity.
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Jordi Ferrer

Merck Group

Clinical Development Director

Protocol Complexity.

What Merck is doing to reduce protocol complexity in order to make more fit-for-purpose clinical trials that eventually facilitate the patient enrolment and retention?

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Ekkehard Brockstedt

Boehringer Ingelheim

Head of Clinical Development & Operations FOT

Igniting Excellence in Speed and Patient Value through Outsourced Trials.

No matter which organization you work for, a considerable number of top ideas are developed outside of your organization. However, the good news is that they don’t need to stay there. You can have access to these ideas via partnering in outsourced trials.

  • Looking at outsourced trials: Why are we doing this?
  • Working with partnerships and optimize performance
  • Highlighting key factors in making partnerships successful
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Andrea Forgione


Global Lead of Patient Engagement & Advocacy

Patients' understanding is the 'Missing Link' to improve Clinical Outcomes.

  • More sensitivity and knowledge when it comes to patients
  • The 'Modern Role' of patient in the Healthcare System
  • Rethink Patient Journey in a 360° holistic view
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Patient recruitment, enrollment, and retention are significant elements of clinical trial programs. Recruiting and retaining the ideal patients at the right time is critical for producing an accurate database for scientific and regulatory purposes. If not, it can cause the development timetable to be extended by many years. To optimise both, you must have a strategy and successfully employ analytics and technology while keeping the participant's user experience in mind. The demands of patient groups, the relevance of diversity, the application of digital technology, the challenges of consent protocols, direct-to-patient models, and many other attributes must all be considered.